The world has experienced rapid development, one of which is related gadgets or smartphones. The smartphone vendors are increasingly competing to bring a variety of innovations to bring its superior products, and which is currently the most prominent is with the device pinned on the operating system. As we know, this device has various advantages, one of which is related to the connection. Android generally embeds Google Chrome for web browsers, and on this occasion we will review how to speed up loading google chrome on android.
Advantages And Disadvantages Of Google Chrome On Android
Google Chrome application is quite spoiling for those of you who like to surf in cyberspace, with this application you can do many things, ranging from sync history, bookmarks and other activities that can help your activities everyday. But behind the many features provided, sometimes make the web browser workload is more severe, which resulted in slowing down Google Chrome connectivity. But all that is not one of Chrome because it is also caused by our activities are too much. But even so, many people are reluctant to change this search engine with other web browser. Worried, because there are several ways to speed up loading google chrome on android, what kind of steps ??
How To Speed ​​Up Google Chrome Loading On Android
How to speed up loading google chrome on the first android is to update Google Chrome. Each time you update then you will get the latest version that has berberapa recent features and certainly more easier system on your Android-based smartphone. This can not be the main solution, because we have to compare the old and new chrome connectivity first.
And if so you can speed up loading google chrome on android by cleaning chace in chrome. Chace contained in the application long-time will menunmpuk that make chrome performance slowed down. To clean this chace is very easy, by going to Settings, select Apps and search Chrome. Next Scroll down and tap Clear chace, eat chace files that accumulate in chrome application will be erased, how to speed up loading google chrome on android very easy is not it?
How to speed up loading google chrome on the next android is to enlarge the RAM memory. To be able to enlarge this memory you can perform the following steps. First step open the Google Chrome app on your device, open the chrome: // flags / # max-tiles-for-interest-area address and hit enter. Once open it will appear webpage with yellow text that displays the amount of memory used Google Chrome. And it will automatically be the default, but you can change it manually with options 64, 128, 256 and 512. For faster you can change to option 512, then restart your smartphone by tapping the Relaunch now button in the lower right corner. After that you can use Google Chrome as usual.
And how to speed up loading google chrome on the last android is to disable Javascrip. This is very important to speed up loading Google Chrome, because with the JavaScrip in your app eating will make the website difficult to open. Thus information related to how to speed up loading google chrome on android that we can convey, may be useful ..
Description: How to speed up loading google chrome on android is very easy and you can do with some way to get the connectivity you want