Modif verza monoshock  Lately monoshok modifications on motor sport became one of the things that are quite tempting. And one of the motor that is now quite interested to be modified with this monoshok system is honza honda motor. This is because the montor is equipped with two shockbreaker suspension system has a simple look, elegant and sport naked that mambuat the modifier can be satisfied pouring all imaginations, one of which is the installation of monoshok.
Why Choose Verza Monoshock Modification?
Honda Verza is a motorcycle product from Japan which is quite popular in Indonesia. Where we know this Honda motor company is one of the largest motorcycle manufacturers in the Indonesian automotive market, where every product is always selling well invaded by people in all circles. This is certainly not without reason, because every motor Honda output is designed with an elegant and sporty look and most importantly the price is quite friendly in addition to the performance of a tough engine and pengkonsumsian fuel is quite economical. All these characteristics are certainly in accordance with every dream of society. Especially by lovers of modif verza monoshock, in addition to cheap appearance that is produced is very sporty and dynamic.
Notice when you modify verza with monoshock
To make this modif verza monoshock you can directly entrust it to people who really have expert, because the series of modifications must be done correctly, considering the modification of the motor with this system is more prone to cracks in the rear frame if the installation of the upper cradle especially if not attached to backbone. In addition the form of modification verza monoshock also not suitable for those of you who often carry heavy loads.
For that when you choose to do modif verza monoshock make sure you pay attention to the rear frame power of the motor and load routine bawaaan. And to make it look more captivating you can also add some other accessories such as racing or exhaust that suits your motor, So congratulations to be creative ..
Description: Modif verza monoshock can easily be done, but even so keep in mind the strength, comfort and condition of montor so as not to result in damage to the motor.

Simple Modification Honda Verza For Touring
Honda verza is one of Honda's motor sport output products recently introduced. Price is quite friendly to be added value in addition to the design of the sport that is able to attract many customers. Especially this bike can also look much cooler if handled by a reliable modifier. There are several types of modifications that can be applied to this motor which one of them is modif verza for touring.
Verza Modification For Touring
Not to be outdone by the concept of other modifications, modif verza for touring has its own characteristics. To be able to be used comfortably during touring then there are some things that you can modify which, among others, is a stabilizer stabilizer handles that function to reduce the freakuensi vibration on the handlebar, raiser that serves to make the position of satang higher and can be adjusted with posture so as to make riders increasingly comfortable on the go.
In addition to the concept of modif verza for touring you also need to add a horn to be more ferocious, for that you can use the horn type of snail or disc to your liking. And no less important hazard lights also need to be added. This light serves as a sign when the vehicle stops by the side of the road. Although impressed trivial, but these accessories are very important in touring activities in groups. The last and can not miss is the addition of the rear box that is used as your default place, in addition to the rear box also can serve as a riding piggyback and able to provide a more resilient and handsome.
Not only that, to complete your touring activities, when modifying verza for touring you can also add a bracket where drinking and use slebor klong to prevent dirt from the tires into the motor frame, the use of slebor is accompanied by the selection of large tires is also able to provide More impression maco. Those are some things you can do when doing modif verza for touring, congratulations to experiment ..
Description: Modif verza for touring has a different concept with other motor modifications, where in the concept of this modification, completeness, comfort and driving needs are really well prepared.