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Choosing the Latest Modern Bajukebaya Model According to Body Shape

The latest modern kebaya dress model is one of the clothing models that is very identical to Indonesian women. As we know, kebaya by the Indonesian people besides being a traditional dress is also considered capable of displaying a graceful and beautiful Indonesian woman. And now, the kebaya trend is also growing in accordance with the needs adjusted to body shape. Still confused about choosing the latest modern kebaya model that suits your body shape? Tips for Choosing the Latest Model of Modern Kebaya Clothes Kebaya is one of the clothes that emphasizes the wearer's body shape. For this reason, when choosing the latest modern kebaya clothes, you have to adjust the shape to make it look right and comfortable to wear. There are several types of female body shapes which include the touch of a pear, a round shape, a flat body touch and an ideal body. For those of you who have an ideal body, choosing a kebaya model is certainly not difficult. To make it look more beautiful, make sure t…

The Latest Trend of Modern Muslim Kebaya Dress Models

Not only modern kebaya that attracts Indonesian women, the more women who want to appear wearing hijab also make modern Muslim kebaya clothes more popular. not only able to make the appearance more attractive, modern Muslim kebaya can also fulfill the Muslim fashion which is essentially as a cover for awrah for women. What kind of clothes are modern Muslim kebaya based on their use?
Trends in the Model of Modern Muslim Kebaya Suits According to Events Considering that kebaya has been widely used for fashion in a variety of formal and informal events, the modern Muslim kebaya dress model is adjusted to the event that will be attended. For simple kebaya designs are generally used by young women aged 18-25 years. With a simple cut, these young ganis will look very sweet and elegant without having to impress menor and overdo it. In general, this simple and fashionable kebaya is used to attend graduation events or semi-official events such as wedding receptions or family events. While the mod…

Appear Elegant With Modern Kebaya Dress Models

The modern kebaya dress model is one of the kebaya models that are now increasingly in demand by Indonesian women of all ages. Kebaya, which was only used for weddings or custom events, has now changed its function. Kebaya has become a part of fashion that can be worn in various events. Kebaya which is designed as a modern kebaya can be combined with various materials to produce creative, unique and elegant work. Intrigued by the image of modern kebaya clothes? The Latest Model of Combination Kebaya Clothes
Modern kebaya dress models with sleek combinations can be used to avoid various kinds of pickles from semi-formal events, formal pickles to attend a party. There are several types of combinations that can be applied to modern kebaya, which include giving a touch of embroidery and sequins. Giving a touch of embroidery and sequins on a kebaya can give a graceful and elegant impression, especially with the addition of brooches or long necklaces that make it look more luxurious. Besides g…