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The Right and Fast Way to Treat High Cholesterol

How to treat high cholesterol is very diverse, from traditional medicines, medical drugs and various non-pharmacological therapies. Actually cholesterol is not always bad, because the human body naturally produces cholesterol which has an important function for health. The problem is that cholesterol in the blood is dominated by bad cholesterol (LDL), because it will cause a variety of chronic diseases. LDL cholesterol will accumulate and cause plaques on the arterial wall which will eventually clog artery walls and trigger heart disease to stroke. This is the reason for the importance of treating cholesterol early. Ways That Can Be Done To Treat High Cholesterol To be able to reduce bad cholesterol, there are several choices for how to treat high cholesterol that you can do. The first way is with natural medicine, which you can do by changing your lifestyle and natural diet. A low-fat diet accompanied by regular exercise will help reduce excess fat, increase HDL levels and reduce LDL l…