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Evercoss One X December Specifications and Prices

The price of Evercoss One X which is one in the Android One line is quite interesting. Evercross itself is already quite known as one of the vendors of middle to lower class smartphones with specifications that are quite capable when compared to other middle-class smartphone specifications. The big ambition from Google as the owner of the project in marketing smartphones is indeed quite large, but even so they also pay attention to the quality aspects of the smartphone features they offer. Although there is no difference that is too striking from Evercross One X with the type of Android One smartphone in general, but there is no harm in knowing the specifications of Evercross One X.In addition to the cheap price of Evercross One X, Evercross One X also has several advantages in terms of its specifications. Which, among others, is equipped with the latest Android operating system, even you can continuously upgrade your operating system to keep abreast of the progress of the Android ope…